»Supplying production lines with individual components requires complex interaction. The focus is on quality assurance and compliance with deadlines. We manage our production planning with a modern system control and an ERP system supported by SAP. Processing a product so that it meets our customers’ quality standards requires systematic advance quality planning.

Our advanced quality planning method ensures that all quality standards are met on time. To meet these high requirements, our quality assurance department and analytical laboratory have state-of-the-art measuring and analysis technology as well as highly qualified staff.

Leica Libs Bilddatei


  • We use the LIBS analysis technology (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) from Leica Microsystems. This technology features an integrated laser spectroscopy function for qualitative chemical analyses.

  • We measure plating thicknesses in the micro- and nanometer range and perform trace analyses with the latest generation of X-ray fluorescence measuring devices to detect hazardous substances listed in RoHS.

Thanks to our high quality standards, we are able to consistently produce high-quality, reliable finishing and plating solutions with great precision. Our customer focus and sense of responsibility for our environment are key to our success and the success of our customers.



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CERTIFICATE ISO 9001:2015 en

Umweltmanagmentsystem ISO 14001:2015